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One of the nominees for the 2010 Choice Music Prize

CLUAS fires some questions at Laura Izibor, creator of Choice Music Prize nominated album Let The Truth Be Told.

Laura Izibor

Tell us about the album - its conception, creation, response... Is there anything you'd go back and change about it now?

There was no real concept involved in making the album. I was just a 17 year old girl writing songs in her bedroom about real & honest things. I wouldnt changed a thing. Let The Truth Be Told captured a very pure and timeless part of my life.

Award nominations aside, were you happy with the response the album received?

I was extemely happy with the response to the album. So many people connnected to it and that is all you can ask for as an artist.

How relevant do you think music awards really are to musicians and music fans?

I think its always nice to receive any recognition for your hard work especially when it is from such a credible awards as Choice Music Prize.

Do you think the idea of the album is relevant and capable of holding its own in a world of digital downloading and plummeting CD sales?

I as an artist always have to believe it is relevant, as the day I think an album I write is not, is the day I will quit.

Do you feel the Irish music scene is in a healthy state at the moment?

 I think the scene as its presented to us is not in a good place but if you look harder beneth the surface there is great music being made.

Any artists who weren't nominated for the Choice Award, who you feel should have been?

I’ve always thought Royseven’s The Art Of Insincerity was a fabulous album.

Your favourite album from those also nominated for the Prize?

Codes Trees Dream In Algebra.

Best gig you went to in 2009?

India Arie in Memphis was very special.

Plans for 2010?

Going on tour with Chrisette Michele, my own headline tour in the US and make album number two!

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