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Forget the cliched image of Australian pub rock. There is a burgeoning (and actually quite enjoyable) electro-pop scene. Here's some of the best tunes I've heard recently.

The Presets are a rather avantgarde Sydney duo who make music that meshes the Pet Shop Boys with Nine Inch Nails (if the mood takes them). This video for their Girl And The Sea tune is fabulous - unfortunately I can't embed it but I urge you to check it out here. Their new record, Apocalpso, got this rather rave review in the Guardian today.

Pnau have been on the scene in Oz for 10 years or so and have consistently produced some compelling electronic music. Their debut, Sambanova, won an ARIA (Australia's top music gong) in the late 90s but this poppy little number (which was used as the soundtrack to a milk ad!) caught my ear.

 Cut Copy have had a number one album in Australia this year with In Ghost Colours (and look like replicating some of that success across the world). It's called More of a straight-forward dance sound and they borrow more than a little from New Order. Still... not a bad influence. 




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