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Life is full of tough decisions; Monty Python or Father Ted, (not the real) Ronaldo or Messi, the Red Pill or the Blue Pill? However, these are decisions you can make yourself without the need to consult anyone or anything. But what happens when you have to take a decision that someone else has to agree 100% with? Key Notes faced this quandary recently when attempting to choose the song that would mark his marriage to Mrs. Key Notes. 

As those that were there will probably frustratingly attest to, the first dance was one of the few traditions that Mr. & Mrs. Key Notes were willing to adhere to in our recent nuptials. However, if Key Notes had of known it would have taken almost two years to decide on a song, it may have been another tradition he was willing to eschew. Having agreed that it had to be something both parties were happy with, a veto system was established. 

The first choices were Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper & Sarah McLachlan and Freewheel by Duke Special. Both were vetoed as being, respectively, "too soppy" – Mrs. Key Notes and "too popular now" – Key Notes (music is the one area of ones life where snobbery is acceptable). First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes was then suggested and for a while it seemed that it would make the grade, but it too was to fall by the wayside because of "musical differences".  With the wedding only a couple of weeks ago, and the DJ emailing on a daily basis for a decision, Key Notes was unsure if a compromise could be reached. 

However, Mrs. Key Notes, as is her way, was to come to rescue. "What about ‘South’?" she suggested absentmindedly one day. A furious search through one’s mp3 collection came to nothing and it was only thanks to Key Notes new Brother in Law/Son (don't ask!) that we were even able to listen to the song, let alone choose it.  However, upon first listen (Key Notes had heard the song before of course, but never considered it for this particular situation) the decision was made. Given the circumstances it was the perfect song, and Key Notes learned a valuable lesson that day; Mrs. Key Notes is always right! 

So here it is, South by Pilotlight, formerly Polar. 

Key Notes doesn't enjoy talking about himself, so would like to know what you chose/would choose as your first dance and why?


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