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Mon Dieu, we must have been very innocent pre-teens back in 1988 to have found this raunchy - but even today 'Joe Le Taxi' and Vanessa Paradis (at the time, barely a teen herself) tends to raise a reaction of 'phwoar' and 'ooh la la'  from people who were 11 or 12 when this single came out. Really, it's JUST about a guy driving a taxi!

Today Mlle Paradis is the rather emaciated partner of Johnny Depp but her most famous single sounds fantastic. Unlike a lot of '80s French music, it isn't trying to sound like The Clash - and the sparse production sounds so refreshing in today's age of compressed ADD clutter. Also, when your blogger mentions to Irish people that he writes about French music, the Pavlovian response is 'Joe Le Taxi!'.

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2005Michael Jackson: demon or demonised? Or both?, written by Aidan Curran. Four years on this is still a great read, especially in the light of his recent death. Indeed the day after Michael Jackson died the CLUAS website saw an immediate surge of traffic as thousands visited to read this very article.