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The video for Snow Patrol's latest single, "Open Your Eyes", features a high-speed drive through the early-morning streets of Paris. The footage comes from a 1976 short film called "Le Rendez-vous" made by renowned French director Claude Lelouch.

FYI, for any Paris-lovers, the drive starts on the Left Bank of the Seine, crosses the river and cuts through the Louvre courtyard, goes up past the Opera, then crosses Boulevard Haussmann at Galerie Lafayette and goes round the church of Notre Dame de Trinite before heading to Pigalle and round Montmartre - finishing on top of the steps to Sacre Coeur.


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1999 - 'The eMusic Market', written by Gordon McConnell it focuses on how the internet could change the music industry. Boy was he on the money, years before any of us had heard of an iPod or of Napster.