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Pair o' strikers: French punk-pop duo PravdaNamed after the Communist Russia news organ and not the Northside Dublin bar, Pravda (right) are a duo of Mac from Paris and Sue from Bordeaux.

They make sneering, arrogant, cooler-than-thee punk-pop which owes so much to Pil, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Joy Division and The Buzzcocks that they've probably had to take out a third mortgage by now.

Of course, that doesn't matter because they sound brilliant. More impressively, they combine pop thrills with haughty Parisian cool, which we wish more French acts would do instead of trying to be sensitive artistes. But there you are.

Listen to some Pravda tracks on their MySpace page - we recommend 'Je Suis French', a song that looks down on you like the peasant you are.

Also, have a look and a listen to the video for their single 'Body Addict':

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