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A couple of posts ago we wrote about Ireland's thriving French community and the popularity of all things Gallic in Eire. On the same theme, RTE's Dublin-based magazine show 'Capital D' is tonight (13 September) screening a report on the Irish capital's French population.

We're pleased to see that the programme features a couple of French Letter regulars. We understand that there was an RTE crew at a recent 'French Friday' club night at Thomas House in Dublin - no doubt to show the debauched hard-rockin' underground of Paris-sur-Liffey.

There will also be an interview with French singer Lauren Guillery (right).

'Capital D' is on RTE 1 at 7:00 tonight - but if you miss it you can see the show on the programme's web-page. Someone let us know if they mention this humble blog, alright?


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