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So how's that tent in the Phoenix Park going? Still there, not blown away yet? We shouldn't joke - that seems to be what's happening to the crumbledown RDS these days, from what we've heard of the recent Kings Of Leon show there.

Anyway, if you're going to see Justice on Saturday night, you might want to break the habit of a lifetime and show up early to catch the support act.

I wanna be ado: French band The TeenagersThe Teenagers (right)are a three-piece from Paris, now based in London, who make electro-flavoured punk-pop. They aren't in their teens any more, and they might be getting a call sometime from legal representatives for the estate of '50s boy-crooner Frankie Lymon.

They write English-language lyrics that are sometimes spoken-word and usually heavy on immature randiness (sample lyric: "On day two I f*cked her and it was wild / She's such a slut" - 'Homecoming'). And 'Sunset Beach' is a touching tale of the singer's broken heart: "This f*cking b*tch deserves to die". But hey, they're called The Teenagers for a reason.

Their juvenile lyrics and monotone delivery can get a bit tedious after a while (e.g. a few seconds). So how come we're recommending that you sacrifice your pre-gig pint and head up early to the Park to catch them?

Well, their single 'Starlett Johansson' is fantastic. It leaves out all the sex-obsessed blather of their other tracks and just concentrates on being a ferociously lean and catchy little song. The three lads even sound sincere and charming: "I'm scared by spiders too / I never manage to blame you."

In fact, it's so good that it makes us look kindly on their faults. After all, their lyrics are nothing that you won't already have overheard on the bus or in your local. Also, we suspect that the three lads are being tongue-in-cheek (their cheek and the cheeks of others) - from your blogger's experience, swearing in English with a French accent is the stereotype of a Paris nightclub poser.

And the equivalent of c*nt in French, 'con', isn't as taboo as the English word, so perhaps they know not what they do.

Anyway, you only have to listen to them, not hang out with them or invite them to the family dinner. You can make up your own mind about The Teenagers on Saturday night - don't say we didn't warn you about the filthy lyrics. Here's the video for 'Starlett Johansson', where the lads reveal their sensitive, romantic side... oh look, there's, like, a NAKED LADY (tee hee!) in the video!!!

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