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 Music fans from the pre-Britpop/grunge days (late '80s to early '90s) may remember 'Rapido', the quirky and innovative Anglo-French TV show hosted by comedy Frenchman Antoine de Caunes (and scripted by legendary rock journalist Nick Kent, resident in Paris).

We have all the time in the world: My Bloody ValentineAnyway, from the archives of 'Rapido' here's a topical interview with Kevin Shields, now back in the spotlight following the recent announcement of a reformed My Bloody Valentine tour.

The MBV leader is here talking up ‘Loveless’ in 1991 and explaining how it took all of THREE YEARS to make! Little did we suspect that this was Shields at flat-out working pace.

Things to note: (1) Kev’s Dublin accent, thus settling for ever the old MBV-Irish-or-not argument, and (2) his hyperactive mile-a-minute personality, which he clearly brings to MBV productivity.

My Bloody Valentine will play concerts in London, Manchester and Glasgow in June 2008, with reports of a US tour to follow. No Irish date has been announced as yet. Shields has spoken of a new MBV album to be released imminently, but at the time of writing no details have been confirmed.

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