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Every high-powered and influential player in the information marketplace depends on a crack team of news-gatherers. Even your Paris correspondent, neither high-powered nor influential nor a player in any marketplace, has his own network of spies, moles, informants, tippers-off and so forth. 

For instance, we have an army of shoe-shine boys working Charles de Gaulle Airport, keeping an eye out for any jet-set pop stars trying to slip discreetly into France. The flock of birds outside Notre Dame? Carrier pigeons, ready to take off for Chateau French Letter with the word on the boulevard. Then there's the pop star we got married off to the President of France; that took a lot of work but it's paid off handsomely. (Our copy of the M83 album was delivered to us by nuclear sub up the Seine.) 

The WallsAnd even in Ireland we have our people, our équipe. Dublin-based French blogger and lighting engineer extraordinaire Por La Carretera (a code-name, of course) tells us that The Walls (right) are playing in Paris next week. Stay tuned for more hot Franco-Irish music gossip from the lampie-desk, pop's equivalent of the water-cooler. 

Anyway, Steve and Joe and the other fellas will be at the Entrepôt near Montparnasse on Friday 23 May.

You can check out details of their upcoming Czech dates and third-album progress on their MySpace page. Here they are rocking St John's Church in Dingle with 'Open Road':

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