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Rouen-born singer Barth makes alt-pop that's as melodic as his full name, Barthélémy Corbelet.

Cuchillo by BarthHis love of The Beatles is clear; not only does he write strong pop songs, but his voice is Lennon-esque. (The similarity is apparent on a marvellous 2006 single called 'The Last Wig'.)

Barth's third album, 'Cuchillo', blends la pop anglaise with pure Americana. First single 'Magic Wondermeal' is a languid country shuffle that fans of Beck's folkier moments should enjoy.

There's also a strong Ennio Morricone vibe throughout. Indeed, the album is named after a spaghetti western character, and Barth dresses up appropriately on the cover (right).

Just to mix things up even more, Barth even throws in a bit of ska on songs like 'Saliva On My Apple' and 'Dogs Slip Away'.

You can listen to Barth songs old and new on his MySpace page. No news of any live shows in Ireland, or in Paris for that matter.  

Here's his roadtrip video for the twang-tastic 'La Machoire Americaine':

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