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You might remember our recent night out at the Parc des Princes, when we defied the PSG ultras and took the home terrace with a small band of Grenoble fans. (If not, then we'll be reminding everyone of this ad infinitum.)

Apple JellyFor a modest team of journeymen pros, Grenoble are doing quite well this season. Turning to music (because we've been told there's 'too much football' on this blog), there's a Grenoble pair turning out some Champions League-quality choons at the moment.

Apple Jelly (right) are Benn and Viktor. Live, they include a sound engineer called Deaf and a lighting technician called Blindy. You'll have guessed that we're not featuring Apple Jelly for their Wildean wit, then.

The twosome have just released an album called 'Nanana Club'. The record is fairly decent '80s-flavoured electro-pop all the way through, but the standout track is a funky thing called 'Radio'.

Its disco bassline and four-on-the-floor beat owe a little to Boney M's 'Daddy Cool'; surprisingly, this is a good thing. There's a catchy chorus too. Ah go on, you'll like it.

The video (below) for 'Radio' was made by Hugo Barbier as an entry to a competition. It features some people making faces and shapes, but isn't half as irritating as that suggests.

Benn and Viktor aren't really putting their back into promoting Apple Jelly, we feel. Their upcoming shows are all near where they live, in the foothills of the Alps. Only three tracks on their MySpace page too. That said, one of them is the smashing 'Radio'; here's the video: 

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