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Over and out: another let-down from AirThe new single from Air (right) is available on the band’s website. ‘Do The Joy’ is the first extract from their new album, ‘Love 2’, which is due for release on 5 October.

There are two long-standing traditions around new Air records: (1) the blather about how the duo are back to their ‘Moon Safari’ level of quality, and (2) the reality that Nicolas Godin and J.B. Dunckel have yet again served up a lazy, diluted version of the classic Air sound – drizzly synths, breathy androgynous vocals, echoing chords. If you endured the horrible ‘Pocket Symphony’ you really don’t need to let yourself in for more of the same, which is what ‘Do The Joy’ is.

But if that doesn’t dissuade you, then head to Air’s official website, where you can help yourself to a free download of ‘Do The Joy’ by signing up for the band’s newsletter. A second single, 'Sing Sang Sung', is slated for release on 24 August.

Forewarned being forearmed, here’s a one-minute extract from 'Do The Joy', which should give you the gist:

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