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There's been a wave of vitriol from China's state media in the midst of the ongoing trouble in Tibet and among ethnic Tibetans accross China. State media dispenses of its considerable army of foreign editors  ("polishers" in state speak) in cases like this and lets loose with a bunch of nasty phrases culled from Charles Dickens era novels which hints at the age of the scribes - usually the old guard is trusted for the hatchet job. My favourite line comes from Xinhua news agency: the Dalai Lama's description of China's cultural genocide in Tibet were a "tale of a tub," reported the agency, using Johnathan Swift-era English in reports carried accross the state controlled press. China's media ignored the Lhasa riots for a few days, then came out with a wave of TV and print reports which focused on the damage done to Han Chinese properties in Lhasa.

"We can say Tibetan culture has never been so flourish (sic) as today," the reports quoted a local official as saying, more proofs that the polishers weren't trusted on this dispatch.  

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