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Beijing Beat is back after some time on the road, out of China. Before we go into the bars, bootlegs and Chinese CDs that we usually write about, here's something more important: if anyone's got instruments they don't need Beijing Beat knows some Chinese kids who'd be delighted to play them. The Dandelion School was set up in 2005 with a mission of “Access to quality education for migrant children.” The inspiration behind the school, Chinese-American artist Lily Yeh is keen that the kids can indulge their artistic as well as their academic talents, hence the Dandelion seeks (new and used) musical instruments and art supplies. The dandelion is located in Shou Bao Zhuang village in Daxing village, the industrial-heavy suburb of Beijing that’s home to a lot of the migrant workers who’ve built the city’s new skyscrapers, stadiums and subways. Because of China’s registration system children accompanying their parents to Beijing are not allowed access to city schools. So, if you’ve got some sounds you don’t need, or you’ve given up guitar, now you know of a home for your old instruments. Contact us (just hit Comment) if you want to help.

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