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Artist: Lucy Foley
Release: Copenhagen (Album)
County of Origin:  Clare
Genre:  Offbeat Electro-acoustic Folk
The Freshly Squeezed Rating: 8.5 drops out of 10


Lucy Foley's first album, recorded in New York and Co Clare and inspired by the time she spent in Denmark, is a good record to return with, after my long absence. Lucy Foley is offbeat, edgy and refreshing.


There's a lot to like about Lucy Foley. She doesn't seem to fit neatly into any genre, the whole album seems interwoven into a tapestry, and she manages to maintain her rhotic Irish accent. Her laid-back style reminds me of Susie Wilkins, a London-based artist whose music I lived on for a few weeks after I saw her supporting Joe Jackson.


It seems to me that this is one album that is best enjoyed as a whole, but especially notable within it are “It's a Tangle”, a catchy and surprisingly frank opening, and “Mister Bogeyman”, the sixth of seven tracks, a dark but urgent jazz-folk cross.


Copenhagen was released on October 1st - it can be previewed and bought here. Check out Lucy's website for more information, including information about gigs.

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