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A review of the album 'Leche' by Gregory and the Hawk

Gregory and the Hawk - LecheReview Snapshot:  Leche is the third studio album from Meredith Godreau or, as she is better known, Gregory and the Hawk. The quirk that can be heard in her previous albums and EPs remains an overwhelming character in her latest release but that could be the problem here; little else has changed either. And instead of leaning on her influences, it sounds like she’s just copied them. 

The Cluas Verdict? 4 out of 10

Full Review: The opening song ‘For the Best’ has some really excellent lyrics, something fans of her will be familiar with. One problem with this song is it’s heavy similarity to anything ‘early Tori Amos.’

“I really want to find a bar, and mix some fear up with a friend …and give you skull tattoos in pen” 
It goes on to talk of her curiosity about how her lover or hopeful lover might feel. 
“I want to know, do I dance inside your head… I really want to go to bed with a feeling in my chest that we’re lost again, but this time for the best”. 
The real gem of this song isn’t that it will be in your head for days, but rather that the lyrics make you smile, even if you won’t remember them. 
‘Over and Over’ also has copycat syndrome but this time it sounds more like a live “Tegan and Sara” session. Of course there's nothing wrong with Tegan and Sara, on a Tegan and Sara album.  It’s a perfectly fine song with the same cute lyrics we’re used to.  But there’s nothing particularly heartening or real about this song.  A trait that runs through out the album. 
'Soulgazing' is one of the few songs to really enjoy and breathe in. She opens with a lyric a lot might relate to; “I was doing fine missing the marks, missing the rhymes.” Ironically this is the only song on the album that does hit the mark. It is catchy, it does feel alive and entirely ‘Gregory and the Hawk.’ So far, skip to track number 4 would be the advice for the album. 
‘Olly Olly Oxen Free’, as well as having an adorable name, has one lyric that jumps out. It makes you think and that can’t be slighted. “I’ve never been one for chasing stars on a starry night, it just seems too easy. I’m going to be fine when you want me.”  That’s all that can be said here. The phrase “When you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all” springs to mind here. 
There’s nothing particularly wrong with this album. But there’s certain words that come to mind when describing it that any fan of music, or anything else for that matter, will agree aren’t complementary. Those words are ‘fine’ and ‘nice’. Both are words she has been described as before, I’m sure. The other word that comes to mind that is most definitely insulting is ‘boring’. 
Elaine Peppard

Gregory & The Hawk - Leaves by FatCat Records

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