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A review of the album 'Chariot' by The Cast of Cheers

The Cast of Cheers - ChariotReview Snapshot: A band that’s made many Top of 2010 lists (including my own) and now has been shortlisted for the Choice Music Prize. It’s a wonder The Cast of Cheers have come so far with little or no promotion. After all many people are still wondering where this Irish four-piece came from? And where can they get a hold of the album?

The Cluas Verdict? 10 out of 10

Full Review: You’ll be hard pushed to find a negative review of this album or of these guys live, they just steal your music players and the stage leaving you crave more of their addictive math rock tinged with indie-pop influences. It is a cross-over few would dare to try and even fewer would succeed in achieving.

The Cast of Cheers have proven time and again that they are set for big things with their catchy choruses and irresistible guitar melodies. Host to such a dynamic range of sound, you’re never completely sure what genre this band are trying to draw from.

Their ruthlessly infectious bass lines (complemented with one of the tightest drummers to come out of Ireland) has them taking a similar direction as Battles. The lead vocals of  Conor Adams are pleasantly laced with crunchy distortion that adds rough edges to most of their songs, except when he hits back with the reverb in the likes of ‘Deceptapunk’.

Vibrant with a punkish attitude that pushes the levels of experimentalism to its limits (whilst jerking it back and forth so speedily with the help of loop pedals) you can’t help but look on in awe when they take a stage. Indeed you can’t say you’ve heard The Cast of Cheers until you’ve seen them live but this act translates so well onto a record that you won't be disappointed with their recorded output. The swift pace and infectious offerings from songs like ‘Tip the Can’ and ‘Derp’ will have you dancing alongside many others before you can say "The Cast of Cheers? My new favourite band". 
The Cast of Cheers are one band to watch in 2011. Hopefully it's a year that will see a new release from them with their groundbreaking sound, and with their growing level of success why wouldn’t there be? But for now, go and get their debut ‘Chariot’ for free online (either from Soundcloud or Banclamp) and sit back and enjoy (that is, if they don’t have you on your feet in minutes). And as you do you may wonder why they keep on singing the line “Is there any f**king love in here?”...
Greg Synnott

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