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Razorlight (live at the Sziget Festival, Budapest)

RazorlightReview Snapshot:
A full bodied performance by Borrell and company who led the Brit contingent at the US-dominated rock segment of this year's Sziget in Budapest.

The CLUAS Verdict? 8 out of 10

Full review:
British bands and fans are colonizing many of Europe’s best festivals – note Spain’s Benicassim becoming an Alicante of its former colourful, multinational self. Thankfully Sziget has a massive pool of local talent to balance things out, and big US names. But the Rakes and Razorlight were well chosen Brit presence on the main stage on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

A slice of what sounded like Edith Piaf wafted over the dry ice and the band appeared and then segued into the opening chords of 'In the Morning'. Appearing like a hairy, postmodern angel in a kitschy Darkness-like white leopard suit with a split front, Borrell had the goods and delivered them with some panache. A full bodied In the Morning had the plentiful supply of beautiful women dancing in their designer wellies. Wellington boots in pink and flower patterns moved as Borrell sang “all they know is how to put you down” on 'Golden Touch'. None of these ladies in wellies are used to being put down, we hope.

Shirt off, guitar on for 'Tonight in LA', Borrell closed an hour-long show with Miracle to make way for Sinead O'Connor. The sun was still shining but Razorlight packed up with Vice, confirmation of the band’s worth to a headline slot. Seeking to ingratiate himself with the audience perhaps, Borrell dedicated the song to his "favorite filmmaker," the recently deceased László Kovács, a hometown hero here.

Budget concerns at Sziget (the government subsidized the concert till this year) has meant higher ticket prices and more foreigners at Sziget 2007. The local fear is that the bill will be designed so that wealthier western European fans travel. There’s already a sizeable roster of French acts to satisfy an ever larger contingent traveling from France. If they must attract foreign talent we hope the organisers at least choose some as good as Razorlight.

Mark Godfrey

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