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Funeral Suits, Angel Pier & Others (live in Andrew’s Lane Theatre)

heathersReview Snapshot: From post-punk posse to girl in a fur hat on synths, this IMRO gig proved that Dublin’s musicians are coming out with as much variety as a pick ‘n’ mix bag. 

The Cluas Verdict? 7 out of 10

Full Review:
Feedback and static. This was the splice of Funeral Suits that hit me when walking into Andrew’s Lane Theatre, where a thin crowd quietly sipped drinks at tables. The three-piece band began with a Bloc Party style track, and rolled into other influences with the ease and enthusiasm of youths covering their favourite bands: Stone Roses, Maximo Park, The Cure. With blurred pixilated visuals onscreen behind him, the drummer looked like he was wearing Philip K. Dicks’ scramble suit. The band’s full sound was impressive, but nothing that has not been done before.

When the yellow and pink rays of light streamed onto us, there was a calm after Funeral Suits’ noisy set. This peace continued when Kill Krinkle Klub took to the stage, their intro a dramatic dusky piece of composure under blue lights. The synth and keyboard player wore a furry hat and a geisha mask while she looped vocal samples. The rest of the band knocked out complicated and constantly changing time signatures. Each track was different, unusual and unique: Pirate songs, traditional Irish melodies, delicate music. The lead singer’s voice grated on me at times with its faux-high notes, but otherwise the band showcased a new style that has potential.

Heathers were up next. The crowd began to pack themselves into the front spaces of the venue to listen to the two girls onstage. Consisting simply of their rich and melodious harmonies and an acoustic guitar, Heathers talents lie not just in their tight singing. The girls also write songs that would appeal to a mass audience with catchy choruses and novel hooks (one song is half in English, half in Irish). These girls just need a backing band to capture a large international market. Partly though, I liked the raw acoustics and hoped that a backing band wouldn’t take away from their intimate stage presence.

Finally on the IMRO list was Angel Pier, a Franz Ferdinand style outfit, whose polished sound gave them the feel of a band that has practised a lot to get this far. There are however several rock bands out there already who are producing their brand of music. NME touted them as ‘classic indie pop,’ which may certainly appeal to a young audience. The band will also play the ‘Best of’ gig taking place on 2nd May.

Niamh Madden

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