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Pilotlight (Live in the Button Factory, Dublin)

Review Snapshot: Pilotlight have a unique sound. Understated and expressive on the record, they are powerful and overstated live.

The Cluas Verdict? 8 out of 10

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Pilotlight, a band from Dublin, launched their debut album entitled “The Post-War Musical” in The Button Factory on Feb 13th last.

The four piece band has been based in London since 2008. They were in a jovial and excited mood. Not surprising as they’ve worked on this record for nine years, finally managing to put it together in a studio in France, under the guidance of producer Karl Odlum.

The band began their set at nine-ish, belting out opener “All Purpose Underneath” and first single “Pulling on Doors that say Push”, which was the most radio friendly song I heard all night, containing some wonderful vocal harmonies and lead guitar work.

This gig represented a first chance to showcase the album live to family, friends and fans alike. And the group seemed to relish the occasion. Beautifully heavy songs like “They had names” and “Bite your nails” passionately played and gratefully appreciated by the sizeable, though sometimes strangely lethargic crowd.
The album has received widespread praise, but I did feel that some of its more measured tones in songs like “Health and Safety” and “Afraid of Heights” were lost in crossing over to such an exuberant and enthusiastic live performance.
Not to worry. During the entire set, a projected video of a decaying Dublin provided an interesting, thought provoking backdrop and added to the music’s ethereal feel. Album highlight, a dynamic tune called “South” was wonderfully performed, before the show was brought to a close with an inspiring number, “The Shortest Route to Happiness is a Straight Line”.
Overall, the album launch lived up to expectations. Pilotlight have a unique sound.
Donal Armstrong

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