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Last Post 10/17/2006 11:35 AM by  john_mc100
Line 6 Pod XT + FBV shortboard €350
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10/17/2006 11:35 AM
    Line 6 Pod XTFBV Shortboard and Carry Bag €350 ono All the gear below is in perfect condition and even comes with the manual. All the gear has rarely been used and comes in a padded carry bag by Line 6. Call: (John) 0879665709 http://www.jamjodesign.com/gear/POD XT/POD XT 01.jpg http://www.jamjodesign.com/gear/POD%20XT/POD%20XT%2002.jpg http://www.jamjodesign.com/gear/POD%20XT/POD%20XT%2003.jpg http://www.jamjodesign.com/gear/POD%20XT/POD%20XT%2004.jpg LINE 6 POD XT The incredible sonic flexibility and quality of the original POD® is now super-charged. Get PODXT and you'll have Line 6's newest generation amp and cab models as found in our flagship Vetta amplifier. Combine that with over 60 classic stompbox and effect models, including hand-picked selections from our award-winning stompbox modeler series. Route the effects stompbox-style before the amp, or run 'em after. You want to put your fuzz through a tape delay and run it all in front of a small tweed amp? How about a lumpy vibe in to a high-powered "treadplate" head with a 1x8 speaker cab miked off-axis and dressed up with stereo delays? You're only scratching the surface. LINE 6 FBV Shortboard The FBV Shortboard™ is like having a crew of roadies ready to wheel out an entirely new collection of gear and hook it all up — in time for your next note. With a backlit display that shows where you are, and rugged steel stomp switches and pedal to give you complete control of where you're going. * FBV Shortboard Works with Vetta™ combo, Vetta HD, Duoverb®, PODXT™, and Flextone™ III * Access to 36 Presets on Duoverb * Dedicated channel switches * Dedicated effect and FX loop On/Off switches * Large naming display * Wah/Volume pedal * Expression pedal input for dedicated Volume control * Chromatic tuner * Tap tempo switch * Powered by the Vetta or Duoverb
    You are not authorized to post a reply.