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Last Post 4/8/2002 11:49 AM by  meta
FOR SALE: iMac 333 €350
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4/8/2002 11:49 AM
    iMac 333 (orange) €350 333 Megahertz PowerPC G3 Processor 96 / 128MB RAM 6GB Hard Disk 24x Speed CD-ROM Built-in 56-Kbps modem supports K56flex and V.90 standard (RJ-11) Built-in 10/100BASE-T Ethernet connector (RJ-45) Two high-speed Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports (12 Mbps) Microsoft Office 98 for Macintosh Microsoft Word 98 Microsoft Excel 98 Microsoft Powerpoint 98 Microsoft Outlook Express Microsoft Internet Explorer McAfee Virex 6.1 email: info@smilingmadeeasy.com
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