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Last Post 10/22/2010 10:08 PM by  jhs123
Elton John Loves Lady Gaga, Disappointed By Jennifer Lopez
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10/22/2010 10:08 PM
    Despite expressing his love for Lady Gaga, Elton John has slammed the pop stars of today for relying too heavily on songwriters.

    During an appearance on US talk show The View, Elton expressed his disappointment with popular music and the people who perform it.

    WATCH - Lady Gaga's video for 'Alejandro'

    "In the '70s you could buy records every week by Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Carole King, James Taylor. Great songwriters whose songs lasted forever," Elton explained.

    He believes that these days, "It's all about getting on the radio" instead of making quality music, and hardly anyone writes their own songs.

    Elton also criticised Jennifer Lopez, saying, "Nobody's gonna be singing (Lopez hit) Jenny from the Block in 10 year's time."

    But who does he respect? Well he absolutely loves Lady Gaga.

    Elton said, "I think Lady Gaga writes great songs, and I think there are some people who do write great songs but, in general, if you're a singer who relies on people to write songs for you... they're really in a sticky position."

    And to show how much they love each other's work, Lady Gaga and Elton John are teaming up for a duet called 'Hello, Hello' for the new animated Disney movie 'Gnomeo and Juliet'. The main characters will be voiced by James McAvoy and Emily Blunt.

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