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Last Post 9/4/2008 4:10 AM by  mixtapepublicity
Electric Picnic - Your High/Low Points
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9/3/2008 2:09 AM
    Favourite gig had to be Wilco. They were fan-bloody tastic as always, although it was a real shame they only had an hour set, maybe less??
    Other highlights include Conor Oberst & the Mystic Valley Band, who put on a whopper set, entertaining me throughout despite not knowing one tune as I'm a relatively new Bright Eyes fan. Also enjoyed what I saw of Elbow from the back of the tent and loved Cathy Davey too!
    Lastly, I very much enjoyed Henry Rollins' spoken word set!
    I'm sure there will be plenty in disagreement with me when I say that My Bloody Valentine are self indulgent musical w**kage, needless to say I left that tent after less than one song!
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    9/4/2008 4:10 AM
    Agree about Wilco, absolutely fantastic. Pity they were only really getting into it when they had to finish up. Still, I was spoilt with seeing them 3 times last year, plus EP was the only European date on this trip they did so we were lucky.

    I saw a couple of Wilco members pop in to see Elbow. I wasn't overly fussed with them myself but will hold judgement till Ambo show.

    The Presets & Jape were both incredible and energetic on Friday, perfect start to the weekend. Foals were great as always. Candi Staton was a life saver on Sunday arvo, what a lady.

    CSS were blah, better in The Academy this year, The Breeders were grand I guess. Tindersticks was nearly empty, too late to be on, it was party time not shoe gazing time. If Wilco had gotten their slot it would have been mindblowing.

    Crystal Castles are WAY overrated, Santogold was unfortunately too full to get in. The Roots were good, but having seen an amazing show in NY years ago it seemed a little lame.

    I went to see MBV, determined to see what the fuss was about but expecting to be unimpressed with the w**k. I was not. It was endlessly amazing! Sorry there Floodzer. The moment that 15 mins of white noise morphed back into the song was spine tingling.

    Absolutely brilliant weekend, roll on next year...
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