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Last Post 6/9/2008 9:17 AM by  MUSICLOVER
Radiohead @ Malahide?
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Father Roneo Sensini
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6/8/2008 12:13 PM
    anyone at radiohead over the weekend?

    i went last night, they were awesome... have to say thought the marley park 06 gig was better though

    highlight had to be thom's dancing!
    Basic Member
    Basic Member

    6/9/2008 1:28 AM
    I was at the Friday gig. It was good but Id have to agree that the ‘06 set was better. I suppose it might be because that was a festival tour comprised of greatest hits as opposed to this one, which largely centered around In Rainbows. The atmosphere suffered a tad because of the light. I heard that Thom asked “Does it not get dark in Ireland anymore?”
    The dancing was kick ass..
    Veteran Member
    Veteran Member

    6/9/2008 1:52 AM
    I went on Saturday night. The main set was good but the encore onwads was f**king gold.

    It's interesting how of their back catalog it's the material from Kid A that seems to have stood the test of time the best. Or maybe it's just the Everything In It's Right Place is the best live song they have.
    New Member
    New Member

    6/9/2008 2:38 AM
    I was at Saturday's gig too.. Very good, I thought, though it lacked something that would have put it up with their best gigs. The sound system probably could have done with a couple of extra decibels (you shouldn't be able to easily hold a conversation over the music from a distance of 20 metres back from the stage!) though that was probably down to noise-restriction ordnances. Song choice definately aimed more at the dedicated fans, with tracks like Climbing Up The Walls and The Gloaming played instead of the hits. Like Unicron said it is surprising how some of the Kid A period tunes have morphed into robust live favourites over time. I liked the array of strip lights (the psychedelic red\blue\green thing going on during Planet Telex was mental). Impressed with Malahide Castle as an outdoor venue, though they definately need to rework the exit system.. it shouldn't take 25-30 minutes to move the distance between the venue and the gates, way too much congestion with everybody trying to get out the same 2 or 3 channels.

    6/9/2008 8:56 AM
    I find it remarkably difficult to criticise Radiohead about anything.
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    New Member

    6/9/2008 9:17 AM
    great gig, that's what i wrote on my blog after the gig:

    it was... special
    they make you feel special. as if they knew you were there, singing along, listening, and enjoying the songs. they are on the other side, on stage, but you can feel they know you're there, you, the individual among the thousands of other fans. they look at you, thank you, smile at you, and play for you.

    they make you feel special.

    that's how i felt like when i was watching Radiohead on saturday with thousands of persons of every generations, fans since the beginning knowing all the obscure tracks that were played and fans from not so long disappointed by the fact no hits were played.

    songs from in rainbows, kid a or ok computer. but no karma police, just, creep, no surprises etc. and it was still incredibly enjoyable to hear all those songs they had carefully chosen for their biggest fans who achieved to get tickets for the sold out saturday gig (a different set was made on friday -the extra date which was not sold out- with some more popular songs).

    2 hours and 20 minutes of intense happinness. from dancing songs like 15 steps or national anthem where you go crazy imitating thom yorke dancing; to magic moment of silence and communion with songs like videotape or exit music.

    concerning the production, the sound was crystal clear (like 2 years ago in Marlay park), like being in a studio but no, you are outside, in a field, next to a castle, by the seaside with a lot of wind blowing.

    and the lights... well i was talking to friends before the gig about radiohead being really aware of the energy they waste on tour and their carbon footprint emission. i was therefore thinking the best way to do a lighting show but still saving energy will be to use LED lights as they are really low voltage. and that's exactly what they did. the design was surprising of course, but still really cool and good to look at, despite the sun that was present until almost 10 o'clock! and then thankfully went to hide behind the trees.

    i will go back to see them live. again, and again, and again.

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