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French Letter RSS feed

French Letter music blogLa vie en rock - the best French music, how Irish acts are getting on in France, and other Parisian pop/rock reports from Aidan Curran,'s lad in Seine. The 5 most recent French Letter blog entries are:

Promenade RSS feed

Music and technology blogStrolling through the landscape where music meets technology. With Eoghan O'Neill.

Alternative Tunings RSS feed 

Alternative Tunings Music blog by Aideen O'FlahertyA look at the alternative music scene and various topics concerning music. With Aideen O'Flaherty. 

Freshly Squeezed Irish  RSS feed 

Freshly Squeezed IrishBringing you the best new Irish music that you may never have heard. With Philip McDonald. 

Archived Music blogs has also in the past hosted the following, now inactive, music blogs. You can still visit all their content via the links below.

  • Key Notes (up to November 2009): A journey to the centre of Ireland's alternative music scene. With Steven O'Rourke. 
  • Sound Waves (up to December 2009): Musical perspectives from Stephen McNulty in Sydney (via Tyrone, Dublin and London).
  • Short Cuts (up to October 2009): Exploring music, surfing and their interrelationship with each other. With Jules Jackson.
  • Beijing Beat (up to August 2009): Talking with the movers and makers of China's rock scene. With Mark Godfrey.

Sound Waves blog Key Notes blog Short Cuts blog Beijing Beat blog