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Regular dispatches from Reverend Jules,'s man in the line up. Recent columns include:
By Rev Jules on 12/24/2009

Cois Fharraige, David O'Doherty, Sea Sick Steve, Donavan Frankenreiter, water prooof i-Pods, Patrick Swayze, Bruce Springsteen's New Jersey surfing adventures, Brian Wilson Dolls, the Rip Curl Clio, Fur TV, Irish Surf Documentaries, Regina Spektor, Seth Lakeman, Jason Mraz, George W. Bush's mountain biking exploits, Quiksilver Avatars, Xavier Rudd, Jack Johnson, Surfing penguins, Ray La Montagne, Pendulum, Ambulance Ltd, John From Cincinnati, Florence & The Machine, Maui Fever, Fleet Foxes, MGMT, Modest Mouse, Renewable Rock, The Bra' Boys, Dennis Wilson and the dreaded Billabong jocks.....SOUND WAVES looks back before signing off.

By Rev Jules on 10/9/2009

You can leave your wetsuit on the line, you can drive over your board by accident, you can forget your leash but woe betide the surfer who heads off on a surf trip without his or her beloved i-phone.

By Rev Jules on 9/17/2009

Following an enjoyable weekend at Cois Fharraige, here is the Sound Waves Top 7 Playlist of tracks by bands who played the festival

By Rev Jules on 9/15/2009

 Sound Waves pays tribute to the iconic actor who personified the surfer archetype in the movie 'Point Break'

By Rev Jules on 8/24/2009

Sound Waves has long been a fan of female artists such as Kate Bush, Laurie Anderson, Joan Osborne and, more recently, Regina Spektor. Now, Florence And The Machine take a place on that long list.

By Rev Jules on 8/24/2009

The Moth is an NYC storytellers' forum that The Irish Times has lauded in recent months. Thanks to the wonders of the interwebby thing, and in these recessionary times, it is possible to hear selected stories from such nights of live blather. Personally, I think that The Moth is a near perfect intersection between the twin American pursuits of media marketing and talking about yourself but I leave you to decide.

By Rev Jules on 7/3/2009

Every year Sound Waves tunes into the BBC's excellent coverage of Glastonbury and finds one treat among the assorted buffet of music. Our pick for 2009 is Pendulum and here is the video for their anthem, 'SLAM'.

By Rev Jules on 6/25/2009

Xtreme Video is currently running a trailer on YouTube for the Waldron Brothers new HD film on IBA World Chamption Ben Player which features the music of NYC indie band Ambulance Ltd, the track in question is Yoga Means Union and it makes a fresh change from the usual Rap/Metal/Ex-Pro Surfer with acoustic guitar sounds that end up on surf movies.

By Rev Jules on 6/16/2009
With the Boss due to play Ireland this summer, SOUND WAVES looks briefly at some [reasonably] relevant connections that Bruce has with surfing culture.

By Rev Jules on 6/15/2009
Here they are, the ten albums that I consider were most noteworthy of mention arising from the Irish music scene in the period 1999 -2000, in the order of their respective year of release
By Rev Jules on 6/13/2009
God bless the Chief’s patience. First he gives me every opportunity to contribute to the Cluas top 50 Irish albums and then, when I don’t, he still allows me to post my blog. The truth is, despite the fancy French title, this is not an entry criticising what is a fascinating and revealing snapshot of the last ten years in Irish music but it does highlight what I would think are some shortcomings of a scene which has, to be fair, brought Oscar glory to Glen Hansard.
By Rev Jules on 3/1/2009
A surfer contemplates 'No Line on the Horizon' as he reads about the imminent collapse of the Irish financial system whilst sipping coffee in Bewleys (in homage to Paul Durcan)

By Rev Jules on 12/15/2008

Another year over, here's what was listened to in 2008 by Sound Waves en route to the surf and other blog related stuff...

By Rev Jules on 10/15/2008

Is it just me or have you noticed that the word 'LOVE' now appears as 'L**E'  on I-Tunes in song titles for new tracks.

By Rev Jules on 8/29/2008

Here is the finalised line-up for Sea Sessions 2008.

By Rev Jules on 8/21/2008

Ok, this is not a review in the traditional sense as I cannot work the interweb interface thingimy widget but basically...

By Rev Jules on 8/21/2008

Radiohead may not appear to be a fertile source of tunes for the brilliant jazz pianist Brad Medlhu but think again, their back catalog is something of a song book for him.

By Rev Jules on 8/19/2008

Last weekend, I spent all my free time listening to my collection of jazz CDs, newly transferred to a recently purchased i-pod and speakers and on Sunday evening at 7pm I decided I wanted a taste of the live stuff so I checked the internet to see if anything was on at JJ Smyths, and yes there was, the David Lyttle 3 featuring Soweto Kinch and Michael Janisch. So off in my car I went...

By Rev Jules on 8/15/2008

Earlier this week, Sound Waves bought our first set of speakers for the i-pod we reluctantly bought after years of holding out against the evil empire that is Apple. Now the front room is filled nightly with the golden music of Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, John Coltrane and Brad Meldhu. What is it about jazz and surfers?

By Rev Jules on 8/9/2008

Surfing legend Nat Young is, apart from being a brilliant wave rider, also a family man and prolific writer of must read surf related books such as his autobiography, 'Nat's Nat and Thats That', two histories of surfing and surf culture, a controversial work on surf rage and an authoritative text book on the fundamentals of surf technique so it is nice to report that he has passed on both his surfing and artistic skills to his children including, notably for this blog, Beau and Nava Young who are both surfers and musicians. We have included some links below to assit you in hearing more of their work.

By Rev Jules on 8/7/2008

Right now, we are loving the lo-fi joys of Smog so we were happy to learn that the song 'Held' was used as the soundtrack to a commercial for Cadillac starring Bob Dylan. Here it is..

By Rev Jules on 8/6/2008

Signed to Sub Pop, Fleet Foxes' debut album 'Fleet Foxes' is what we are presently listening to in the Sound Waves van as we go west coastin' for summer swell.

By Rev Jules on 8/6/2008

Kevin Cavey is the man who introduced surfing to Ireland. He is the grand daddy of Irish wave riders so RTE decided to take him Down Under to try his hand at tow surfing. To watch the show online, click on the hyperlink below. but hurry as the video expires on August 21st 2008.

By Rev Jules on 8/4/2008

Heard this guy on Today FM driving back late from Clonakilty after an epic session. He plays the ukelele and has a voice which suits the instrumentation I would describe his songs as Backwoods Outsider Spirituals. There is a link to his MySpace page below where you can hear his rather excellent stuff.

By Rev Jules on 7/15/2008

This post is a hybrid inspired by a) Alex Wade's Surf Nation b) Key Note Speakers and c) a thread on the Cluas discussion boards about what are the first five songs in order that play on your i-Pod when you set it on shuffle. Since all I have is a i-Pod Shuffle and since I only really listen to it post surf on a deserted surf break somewhere remote, I thought I would give it a shot.