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The Top 50 Irish Albums of all time

The best Irish albums ever, as voted by readers of

As part of the celebrations to mark the occasion of's 5th birthday CLUAS readers were invited to vote for their top 5 Irish albums of all time. Over 1300 such votes were cast and the results of the poll are listed below. A snapshot at one moment in time, the final top 50 provides a comprehensive list of Ireland's finest musical moments. And, yes, you will of course disagree with some entries on the list (ahhh the beauty of these top 50 poll thingies) so feel free to rant about it on the CLUAS discussion board. Check out also the list of the Top 50 Irish Acts of All Time, based on the same pool of votes.

U2 Achtung Baby The Pogues 'If I should fall from grace with God' Frames 'For the birds' My Bloody Valentine - Loveless Whipping Boy 'Heartworm'

Position Artist Album
1 Van Morrison Astral Weeks
2 My Bloody Valentine Loveless
3 Damien Rice O
4 Whipping Boy Heartworm
5 U2 Joshua Tree
6 The Frames Dance The Devil
7 Bell X1 Music In Mouth
8 The Frames For The Birds
9 The Pogues If I should fall from the grace of God
10 U2 Achtung Baby
11 The Frames Fitzcarraldo
12 Thin Lizzy Live And Dangerous
13 U2 Unforgettable Fire
14 Van Morrison Moondance
15 Damien Dempsey Seize The Day
16 A House I am the Greatest
17 Paddy Casey Amen (So Be It)
18 The Frames Set List
19 The Tycho Brahe Love/Life
20 The Stunning Paradise in the Picturehouse
21 U2 All that you can't leave behind
22 Christy Moore Live at the Point
23 The Undertones The Undertones
24 Hothouse Flowers Songs from the Rain
25 The Frank and Walters Trains, Boats & Planes
26 Mundy 24 Star Hotel
27 Christy Moore Ride On
28 The Prayerboat Polichenelle
29 Luka Bloom Turf
30 The Pogues Rum Sodomy and the Lash
31 My Bloody Valentine Isn't Anything
32 Bell X1 Neither Am I
33 Rory Gallagher Irish Tour
34 The Chieftains & Van Morrison Irish Heartbeat
35 Sinead O'Connor The Lion and the Cobra
36 David Kitt The Big Romance
37 Microdisney The Clock Comes Down the Stairs
38 Hothouse Flowers People
39 Ash 1977
40 Rory Gallagher Live in Europe
41 Planxty Planxty
42 Mic Christopher Skylarkin
43 Turn Forward
44 The Tycho Brahe This Is
45 The Saw Doctors Same Oul Town
46 A House I Want Too Much
47 Nina Hynes Staros
48 Engine Alley A Sonic Holiday
49 Therapy? Troublegum
50 Mark Geary 33 1/3 Grand St.

U2 'Joshua Tree' The Frames 'Dance the devil' Damien Rice 'O' Bell X1 'Music in Mouth' Van Morrison 'Astral Weeks'

  • The votes for the above top 50 were cast on by visitors to the website between 4 April 2004 and 13 May 2004. Over 1300 eligible votes were cast by CLUAS readers in this period.
  • The eligibility rules used for the purpose of this poll are viewable here.
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