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The Top 50 Irish Acts of all time?

Here's one list to ponder, as per votes submitted by CLUAS readers...

U2 "Achtung Baby"





The Frames 'Dance the devil'





Van Morrison 'Astral Weeks'





My Bloody Valentine - Loveless





Damien Rice 'O'





Whipping Boy 'Heartworm'





Bell X1 'Music in Mouth'




The Pogues 'If I should fall from grace with God'

Remember all those votes cast to find the 'Top 50 Irish Albums of All Time'? Well, we thought it would be interesting to tot up the number of votes received for each individual act, not just for each individual album. That way we could come with a list that we could call the 'Top 50 Irish Acts of All Time'. Or something. Anyway, the resulting list is below. We see the list purely as an accompaniment to the Top 50 Irish albums of all time and we certainly don't present it as definitive or anything so mighty. We just though it might prompt a discussion or two down the pub (or, who knows, even on the CLUAS discussion board).

Position Artist
1 Van Morrison
2 U2
3 The Frames
4 My Bloody Valentine
5 Damien Rice
6 Whipping Boy
7 Bell X1
8 The Pogues
9 Thin Lizzy
10 Christy Moore
11 Hothouse Flowers
12 A House
13 Rory Gallagher
14 Luka Bloom
15 The Tycho Brahe
16 David Kitt
17 Paddy Casey
18 The Frank and Walters
19 Sinead O'Connor
20 Damien Dempsey
21 Mundy
22 Snow Patrol
23 The Divine Comedy
24 The Stunning
25 The Chieftains
joint 26 Ash
The Jimmy Cake
The Undertones
29 The Prayerboat
30 Planxty
31 Microdisney
32 Therapy?
joint 33 Mic Christopher
The Fatima Mansions
The Redneck Manifesto
joint 36 Rollerskate Skinny
38 In Tua Nua
39 Turn
40 The Saw Doctors
41 Nina Hynes
42 Engine Alley
43 Mark Geary
44 Alphastates
45 Something Happens
46 Future Kings of Spain
47 Gemma Hayes
48 The Thrills
49 Martin Finke
50 Toasted Heretic
  • The votes totted up for arriving at the above top 50 were cast on by visitors to the website between 4 April 2004 and 13 May 2004. Over 1300 eligible votes were cast by CLUAS readers in this period.
  • The eligibility rules used for the purpose of this poll are viewable here.
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