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A spectacular eight weeks in French Polynesia

Irishman Mike Moore's reports from an isolated corner of the Pacific

TahitiA two week package beach holiday just doesn't cut the mustard for Mike Moore. Nah, instead he pencilled in a two month trek that would see him sail from Tahiti to Seattle (and it ain't on no cruise ship). Of course it never worked out that way. But what did happen is an engaging, thought provoking little tale, as told here through 3 reports he filed by email during those 8 weeks on the other side of the planet. Choose any of his three instalments from the links directly below:

April 2001 -  Bora Bora, 40 shades of blue and the school children
May 2001 - A storm, back to base, Maupiti, holy hammock.
June 2001 - P?anque, Spear fishing and Dengue fever

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