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Scene 3 - Oct 25th '99

As far as new Irish acts go, I haven't managed to see anything too exciting recently. A trip to one of the recent Aidan Walsh showcases in the Temple Bar music centre, in an attempt to find some new talent, proved fruitless beyond relief, and quite painful into the bargain. My advice to you is, if you like good music, don't go to an Aidan Walsh showcase. This is my third visit to one, and, just like the other times I went this one featured pretty bad bands. In fact, really bad bands. A mix of singers who can't sing, drummers who can't drum, and out of tune guitars. Add to the mixture dated Oasis and Nirvana cover songs, and you really have quite an unpleasant potion. To be avoided at all costs!

Bad showcase gigs aside, I have heard some decent demo's lately. One of the most interesting was by a band called the Funkin' Freaksters. They describe themselves as black-white music, make from that what you will. The band present a weird yet wonderful musical cocktail of jazz, funk, soul and more. They will be gigging in Slattery's during November. Look out.

The Dublin scene has been lacking in really good bands recently. Now the lack has temporarily subsided, with the advent of a new music venue, in the form of Isaac Butt's. Situated on Store St, opposite Busaras, the venue has present some excellent and diverse gigs since it opened a month or two ago.

This forthcoming Halloween weekend, the venue hits the right notes once more, with two top class nights lined up. Dublin singer-songwriter Paddy Casey headlines 'Spook 1', on Saturday 30th October. Casey is Sony Ireland's latest baby, and not only has he released a brilliant debut album, but he also sold out his last two Dublin gigs. I have yet to catch him live but reports from previous gigs are excellent (Is that so? I obviously haven't spoken to you about the time I saw him live! - Ed). Also included in the eight band line-up for Saturday 30th are Neon, a group well worth catching, King Sativa, Sugar Island and Nude. 'Spook 2' takes place on Sunday 30th October and also has some great bands lined up. Playing are the ever brilliant Lir, and also Subrosa, a young band with a trip-hop type vibe, whose soundscape is improving and expanding with each gig they play.

Before I sign off, I would like to appeal for help. I need an antidote to the painful and downright worrying salsa music craze which is sweeping the country at present. Salsa music is attacking the nations' vulnerable public with similar brute force and bad taste as the line dancing craze of 1995/6. Any night you like, in a variety of venues, you can hear and bop your heart away to some of the most irritating music to torture my ears since Aqua were hot stuff. Please help... take it back, ban it, anything!

Niamh Grimes

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