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Scene 2 (Aug 21, '99)

Welcome to Scene 2... Firstly, commiserations to Nu Root Rhythm for failing to win the Emergenza final in Hamburg last month. While all of us here in Dublin believed their innovative style couldn't fail to impress (well I did anyhow) , their genius wasn't appreciated by judges and attendants at Rock Spectacal '99. Don't worry guys, we still love ya! If you haven't caught them live yet, please do hurry.

Secondly, all apologies to Neon, who I unfairly labeled as 'Irish Rock' in Scene 1. I caught their Music Centre gig last month, and was pleasantly surprised to discover they're not the new U2, but an eclectic and exiting band who are both tight and a little different. True, a few of their tracks veer a little too much towards Stereophonics and such like, but there's enough originality in the music to mor make up for that. Catch them in the Music Centre on the 27th August, supported by Kascade.

No apologies however to the Blew, who proved their 'Irish Rock' status at that same gig, and furthermore by the release of their debut single. More Irish Brit pop than Irish rock perhaps, the three songs on the EP reveal a dull Suede/Blur hybrid, with a little Travis off to the right. The final track is catchy Top of the Pops' pop material, but it has all been done before. In your shops now (if you're interested).

If you're still after music that's eclectic (and you damn well should be) then the Sofas are one of the most exciting bands on the live set at the moment. I first saw them about a year ago in the wonderful (and sadly missed) DA club, and back then they played inoffensive and interesting jazzy type stuff. Since then, they've added a singer, a rapper, beats and more. Sounds good? See them in the Music Centre on August 26th.

Finally the wonderful Liss Ard festival begins on the 25th August, in Co.Cork. Among the Irish acts playing are the Frames, and the beautifully mellow Devlins. Among the non-Irish (but oh so brilliant) acts playing are Nick Cave and Arab Strap. Please, somebody give me a free ticket! Miss Liss Ard at your peril.

That's all for now... until Scene 3, keep listening.

Niamh Grimes

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