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Way to Blue - The Songs of Nick Drake (live in London)
Way to Blue - The Songs of Nick Drake (live in the Barbican Theatre, London) Review Snapshot: Curated by Joe Boyd, various musicians gather to pay tribute to Drakes unique songwriting. The Cluas Verdict? 7 out of 10 Full Review: Way to Blue has just completed a three date tour of the UK, featuring a five-piece house band and seven-piece string section. The Barbican theatre was sold out on Saturday night with the show taking on the same format as the Leonard Cohen tribute a few years ago – everyone takes a turn, one or two songs each, and then collaborations at the end. The singers featured on the show were chosen to display the versatility in Drake’s material. Robyn Hitchcock performs “Parasite” with electric guitar, Vashti Bunyan turns “Which Will” into a jaunty baroque string led piece, Lisa Hannigan transforms “Black Eyed Dog” into an upbeat stomper and pianist Zoe Rahman gave “One of These Things... [Read on]
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R.S.A.G. (live in Dublin)
R.S.A.G. (live in Whelans, Dublin) Review Snapshot: Big fan of drum solos? Nah, me neither. Fortunately Jeremy Hickey, spotted above ground on a drum stool last weekend, kept the solos to a minimum. The Cluas Verdict? 7 out of 10 Full Review: Sure, there were lots of great fills and extravagant percussion but almost always with the backing of his very own phantom band. This is where the visuals come in. On a projected screen behind the drums was the reverse silhouette of Hickey accompanying himself on bass, acoustic guitar, handclaps and whatever else was called for. Not a brand new concept -- of all people Paul McCartney did a similar thing on TFI Friday about 15 years ago, but completely lacking Hickey's style or visual impact. Hickey's visuals were creepy and expressionless figures, one of them hooded, looking like a funky drop-out Ewok. A more interesting sight than most bands could muster. His voice is a sort of cross between John Mart... [Read on]
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Padraig Rushe
  Padraig Rushe, formerly of the Dublin Gospel Choir, has just released his debut album Greyworld on Loud Child Records. Currently touring Ireland with his band, his music features a broad array of influences with a soul/gospel flavour taking centre stage. Padraig talks to Cluas...   You've played some live dates recently, with your style so varied what kind of audiences have you been getting? It's been a brilliant mix so far of rockers, soul junkies and pop fans alike and all ages which is really great as an artist to see different people getting into the music.   Is it difficult to tour with a large band so early on in your solo career? No, after six years touring with the gospel choir touring with ten people feels like I'm traveling light and I've known everyone in the band so long, so its really fun!   You use the term "retro-soul" to describe your music... [Read on]
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White Denim
White Denim are a three-piece band hailing from Austin, Texas. Formed in early 2006, they specialize in tornado-belt rock & roll with a manic cut & paste energy. They released their first LP Workout Holiday last summer on this side of the Atlantic. Lead singer/guitarist James Petralli talks with Cluas.... You recently released 'Exposion' in the US, but you made the unusual step of releasing an LP ('Workout Holiday') in Europe a few months before. Was this to test the waters before a proper release or was it to tailor each album for a particular audience? At the time of the workout holiday release in Europe we really did not have that much going on in the States. We had toured the country for about four months but still had not generated any significant label interest. We just continued working on songs in Josh Block's studio when we were off from touring, and decided to add some newer material to the U.S. record. We thought it would be kind of fun to ... [Read on]
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The Black Keys 'Attack & Release'
A review of the album 'Attack & Release' by The Black Keys Review Snapshot:  The latest blues-rock offering from the Ohio delta duo benefits from Dangermouse's knob-twiddling. The Cluas Verdict? 7 out of 10 Full Review: I'd consider the Black Keys to be part of the great spawning of second-tier garage bands after the success of the White Stripes. Maybe unfairly, they're nothing if not prolific (four albums and as many EP's since 2002), but to be honest I haven't heard the majority of their work. Seeing them live in Temple Bar Music Centre in 2006, I found them to be a strong duo, Dan Auerbach is more than capable of doing a "Jack" and moving seamlessly from rhythm guitar to lead, relying on sheer volume and distortion to bridge the gap. Drummer Patrick Carney providing a solid, unfussy rhythm section. But still, after about five or six songs it all just started to congeal into one big Zeppelin riff. He's lacking... [Read on]
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