Contacting the CLUAS team

So you wanna get in touch with CLUAS? There are a number of options at your disposal depending on what you want to do so take a moment to read through the table below before contacting us...

Why you wish to contact CLUAS... What you need to do...
You want to submit an article for publication on CLUAS. Please use this other page on the CLUAS site for instructions on submitting articles.
You want to tell CLUAS about a new release by an Irish band. Please use the contact form on this other page to tell us about acts bringing new sounds to the Irish music scene.
You want to express your disagreement to an opinion expressed in a CLUAS review. We suggest that you write a counter-review and submit it for publication. If it is well-written we will publish it and put it alongside the review that got you so upset in the first place.
You want to send details of an upcoming gig that you are involved in. You must instead use this page for submitting details of an upcoming gig you are involved in.
You are having trouble logging into the CLUAS discussion board. You are advised to request a new password.
You are having trouble logging into your CLUAS email account. Please go to this page for advice on how to reset your password.
You want to air ideas, vent some steam or float an opinion. You should first think of posting your thoughts on the active CLUAS discussion board!


For all other contact needs please use the form directly below...


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