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Cluas Gigs of the fortnight

For the period 20 December 2004 to 2 January 2005

Check out the previous 'gigs of the fortnight' (which covers the period 6-19 December 2004 inclusive)

Gig of the fortnight: Morrissey
Where and When?
The Point, Dublin - 20th December

Why? Ah Mozza, arguably Britain's finest ever lyricist and a member of one of the 80's best bands, that's about all that needs to be said about him. Am I alone that he might just really need a hug?
Best of the Rest
Who? The Frames

Where and When?
The Olympia, Dublin - 20th till 23rd December
Vicar Street, Dublin - 31st December

It's been a very successful year for the group that has simultaneously managed to find itself both as Ireland's best loved and most reviled band with a number 1 album and a sell out performance at Marley Park behind them. They cap off their year with their now traditional New Years Eve shindig.
Who? Soulwax (Live) & 2 Many DJs

Where and When?
Red Box, Dublin - 20th December

It's either a massive scam or great value for money but it seems that if you want to book kings of the mash-up 2 Many DJ's you also have to book their much lower profile rock band version as well. Nonetheless both of the Dewaele brothers musical isomers went down well at this year's electric picnic.
Who? The Chapters

Where and When?
Whelan's, Dublin - 22nd December

To quote their press release:

"Formed in 2002 the band cite a broad range of influences anywhere from The Band to Sigur Ros. Consciously a constant focus is fixed on effective instrumentation giving a dynamic range stretching from subtle lo-fi musings to volumes only exceeded by the emotions behind them."

No, I'm not sure what it means either but the Chapters are one of Ireland's best unsigned bands and well worth checking out.
Who? Planxty

Where and When?
The Point, Dublin - 28th & 30th December;

After the success of their run in Vicar Street the trad legends play a really big barn-like structure, expect tears to be shed when this makes them all nostalgic for the dancehall days.
Who? Snow Patrol

Where and When?
Ulster Hall, Belfast - 22nd & 23rd December
RDS, Dublin - 29th December

Unquestionably Irish music's success story of 2004 Snow Patrol are back after just a months absence to wrap up the year.
Who? Scissor Sisters

Where and When?
RDS, Dublin - 28th December
King's Hall, Belfast - 29th December

Considering the current climate in their homeland it was always going to be more likely that if Scissor Sisters were going to make a breakthrough it would be on this side of the Atlantic. Pink Floyd diehards might night like their version of ?Comfortably Numb? but this promises to be one of the most fun gigs of the fortnight.
Who? The Redneck Manifesto w/ The Chalets, Jape and Ham Sandwich

Where and When?
The village, Dublin - 31st December

3 acts well worth seeing and 1 that I wouldn't take money to watch, I'm not saying which one is which but the wheat available at the village on new year's eve more that makes up for the chaff.
Who? David Kitt

Where and When?
Vicar Street, Dublin - 20th December;

It's been a rough old year for Kittser as he parted ways with his record label recently. However his recent covers album saw a return to the quiet, lo-fi stylings that first brought him attention and it's been quite well received both here and in the UK.
Who? The Pogues

Where and When?
The Point, Dublin - 23rd December

The Pogues reunite for this gig in the Point. The Point holds roughly 8,000 people so that should keep Shane McGowan in beer money for a couple of weeks.  

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