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The CLUAS Readers' and Writers' Polls for 2004

The Results of the Vote

Cheers to all who voted. All the elgible votes have (finally!) been counted and the results are below, where you'll find the results of the readers' poll (the top 5 in each category) alongside the results of the first ever CLUAS writers' poll.

(One quick explanation: You will note below in the results? of the writers' poll below that different categories have different numbers of results - for example there are 9 results listed in the "Best Male" category but there are 7 results listed in the "Best band" category. The reason for this is that when counting up the writers' votes in each category we decided that we would only publish choices that were voted for by more than one writer. All the individual results below in each writers' category were therefore voted for by at least 2 CLUAS writers. A consequence of this is that some writer categories have more results than others.)

Results of the 2004 end of year READERS' poll

Results of the 2004 end of year WRITERS' poll

Best Album (non debut)?- Readers' choice Best Album (non debut) - Writers' choice
1) The Frames 'Burn the Maps'
2) U2 'How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb'
3) Snow Patrol 'Final Straw'
4) Mark Geary 'Ghosts'
5) Redneck Manifesto 'I am Brazil'
1) Nick Cave 'Lyre of Orpheus / Abbatoir Blues'
2) The Frames 'Burn the Maps'
3) American Music Club 'Love Songs For Patriots'
4) U2 'How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb'
5) Interpol 'Antics'
6) Modest Mouse 'Good news for...' (joint 6th)
6) Morrissey 'You are the Quarry' (joint 6th)
6) The Shins 'Chutes Too Narrow' (joint 6th)
9) Graham Coxon 'Happiness in Magazines'
10) Blue Nile 'High' (joint 10th)
10) Redneck Manifesto 'I am Brazil' (joint 10th)
Best debut album - Readers' choice Best debut album - Writers' choice
1) Declan O'Rourke 'Since Kyabram'
2) Republic of Loose 'This is the tomb of the juice'
3) Cathy Davey 'Something Ilk'
4) The Killers 'Hot Fuss'
5) Alphastates 'Made from sand'
1) Declan O'Rourke 'Since Kyabram'
2) Franz Ferdinand 'Franz Ferdinand' (joint 2nd)
2) Ray La Montagne 'Trouble' (joint 2nd)
4) Republic of loose 'This is the tomb of the juice'
5) Scissor sisters 'Scissor sisters'
6) Cathey Davey 'Something Ilk'
7) Hope of the States 'The Lost Riots' (joint 7th)
7) KT Tunstall 'Eye of the Telescope' (joint 7th)
7) The Killers 'Hot Fuss' (joint 7th)

Best Male Artist - Readers' choice Best Male Artist - Writers' choice
1) Damien Rice
2) Mark Geary
3) Declan O'Rourke
4) Mundy
5) Paddy Casey
1) Morrissey
2) Declan O'Rourke
3) Damien Rice
4) Elliot Smith (joint 4th)
4) Nick Cave (joint 4th)
4) Ryan Adams (joint 4th)
7) Mark Geary (joint 7th)
7) The Mighty Stef (joint 7th)
9) Paddy Casey
Best Female Artist - Readers' choice Best Female Artist - Writers' choice
1) Cathy Davey
2) Gemma Hayes
3) Nina Hynes
4) Juliet Turner
5) Jenny Lindfors
1) Cathy Davey
2) Joanna Newsome
3) Katell Keineg
4) Bic Runga (joint 4th)
4) PJ Harvey (joint 4th)
6) Jenny Lindfors
7) Kathleen Edwards
8) Cara Dillon
Best Band - Readers' choice Best Band - Writers' choice
Glen Hansard1) The Frames
2) Bell X1
3) U2
4) Snow Patrol
5) Republic of Loose
Glen Hansard1) The Frames
2) Bell X1
3) Republic of Loose
4) Redneck Manifesto
5) The Dudley Corporation
6) U2 (joint 6th)
6) Pony Club (joint 6th)
Best Live Performance - Readers' choice Best Live Performance - Writers' choice
1) The Frames
2) Bell X1
3) Republic of Loose
4) Kings of Leon
5) Madonna
1) Republic of Loose
2) Madonna
2) Wilco
4) The Frames
5) Josh Rouse
5) Kraftwerk
7) American Music Club
7) Buck 65
Best New Act - Readers' choice Best New Act - Writers' choice
1) Cathy Davey
2) Life after Modelling
3) Jenny Lindfors
4) Humanzie
5) Soviet Filter
As no consensus emerged from the votes cast by the
writers for Best New Act, there was no meanigful results
for this catogry in the writers4 poll. Therefore we have
decided to not publish any results for this category.