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CLUAS Writers - their top albums of 2006

The Results of the Vote

The results below are based on a poll of the CLUAS writers that was taken in December 2006.

Every album below was voted for by at least 2 writers.
Irish and non-Irish releases were eligible for voting.
Writers could vote for up to 10 albums.
In total the writers voted for 93 different albums. However we present below the top 28 albums.
Why stop at 28? Because from number 29 onwards the albums were only voted by 1 writer.
Hat tip to Daragh Murray, the returns officer for this poll.

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The Top Albums of 2006
(as voted by the CLUAS writers)

1 Artic Monkeys 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not'
2 Final Fantasy 'He Poos Clouds'
3 Midlake 'The Trials Of Van Occupanther'
4 Simple Kid 'SK2'
5 Joanna Newsom 'The Ys'
6 Peter Bjorn And John 'Writer's Block'
7 Thom Yorke 'The Eraser'
8 Beirut 'Gulag Orkestar' (joint 8th)
8 Clap your Hands Say Yeah 'Clap your Hands Say Yeah' (joint 8th)
10 Bruce Springsteen 'We Shall Overcome' (joint 10th)
10 Lily Allen 'Smile' (joint 10th)
12 Mogwai 'Mr Beast'
13 The Pipettes 'We Are The Pipettes'
14 The Mighty Stef 'The Sins Of Saint Catherine' (joint 14th)
14 The Knife 'Silent Shout' (joint 14th)
14 Amy Winehouse 'Back To Back' (joint 14th)
17 The Flaming Lips 'At War With The Mystics'
18 The Republic Of Loose 'Aaargh'
19 Morrissey 'Ringleader Of The Tormentors' (joint 19th)
19 Howling Bells 'Howling Bells' (joint 19th)
21 Yo La Tengo 'I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass' (joint 21st)
21 Islands 'Return To Sea' (joint 21st)
23 Bob Dylan 'Modern Times' (joint 23rd)
23 Regina Spektor 'Begin To Hope' (joint 23rd)
23 Charlotte Gainsbourg '5:55' (joint 23rd)
26 Beck 'The Information' (joint 26th)
26 Neosupervital 'Neosupervital' (joint 26th)
28 Damien Rice '9'

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