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The CLUAS Readers' Polls for 2005

The Results of the Vote

The results below are based on a poll of the CLUAS readers that was taken in December 2005. Agree or disagree with the choices? Then pop over to the CLUAS board and add your voice to the discussion on the results of readers' poll.

Best Album (non debut) - Readers' choice Best debut album - Readers' choice
Bell X1 - Flock1) Bell X1 'Flock'
2) Damien Dempsey 'Shots'
3) Sufjan Stevens 'Illinoise'
4) Gemma Hayes 'The Road Don't Love You'
5) Sigur Ros 'Takk'
Arcade Fire 'Funeral'1) Arcade Fire 'Funeral'
2) The Magic Numbers 'The Magic Numbers'
3) The Chalets 'Check in'
4) Bloc Party 'Silent Alarm'
5) Editors 'The Back Room'
Best Male Artist - Readers' choice Best Female Artist - Readers' choice
Damien Dempsey1) Damien Dempsey
2) Damien Rice
3) Sufjan Stevens
4) Mark Geary
5) Dave Couse
Gemma Hayes1) Gemma Hayes
2) KT Tunstall
3) Kate Bush
4) Juliet Turner
5) Sinead O'Connor
Best Irish Band - Readers' choice Best Live Performance - Readers' choice
Bell X11) Bell X1
2) The Frames
3) U2
4) Republic of Loose
5) The Redneck Manifesto
Arcade Fire1) Arcade Fire (Electric Picnic)
2) Bell X1 (various venues)
3) U2 (Croke Park)
4) Frames (various venues)
5) Interpol (Olympia & Oxegen)
Best New Act - Readers' choice  
Directors1) Directors
2) CH-1
3) The Immediate
4) Leya
5) Vesta Varro

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