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The Walls

Barbara on 'Bonedeep', the latest single from The Walls "Hi-lo" album

Sometimes it's the simple songs that can be both the most stunning and the least stunning at the same time. At least that's what appears to be the case with 'Bone Deep', the most recent single to be released from The Walls' debut album 'Hi-Lo'. In an adrenaline fuelled rush, 'Bone Deep' was conceived, nurtured and grew to adulthood only a couple of weeks before the album's release last year. The song immediately garnered airplay from some of Ireland's more credible night-time DJs such as Tom Dunne. With its official release as a single, the once elusive daytime radio has caught on to the song's cool lyrics, catchy hooks and crisp rhythms allowing people to hear it nationwide while at work, play or wherever they may spend the daytime hours.

The latest in line of single releases from Hi-Lo, 'Bone Deep' is special in that it is possibly the link between the past and the future for The Walls. The oldest song from of Hi-Lo, 'If I Had You', sounds like the Stunning because it was actually recorded by the original members of Joe and Steve Wall's former band. When compared to other songs on the album, it becomes obvious that the Walls are now moving away from their past by blending their guitar rock with luscious lo-fi licks backed by contemporary loops and beats courtesy of band member Carl Harms. With Carl's programming influence on 'Bone Deep', the Walls have left their previous musical history behind and have crossed over into a truly contemporary sound. Absolutely stunning and irresistibly catchy in its simplicity, 'Bone Deep' is also their least Stunning-sounding song. This is the sound of their future.

In honour of Bone Deep's recent airplay popularity, fans of the Walls can receive two gifts of sorts. Beyond receiving the rare gift of actually hearing great music on daytime radio, fans can also have their own copy of 'Bone Deep' for free. Not available in the shops, the song with its accompanying artwork can be downloaded at no cost from the band's website at The album 'Hi-Lo' containing 'Bone Deep' is also available from their website or from all good record stores nationwide.

Barbara Lindberg

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