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The Would Be's

Review of their gig in Whelan's, Dublin, July 27th, 2000

The Would Be's. A band who likes to describe itself as a poptastic group who are self-confident daydreamers, full of fun and philosophy. Their music does indeed have a feel good, 60's rock/pop flavour to it. In fact they probably wouldn't be too out of place in an Austin Powers/Swingin' London kind of fantasy.

Their most noticeable feature is lead singer Karen Cunningham. She has a very playful, cheeky attitude to her audience and her music. Before launching into the first slow song of the night she tells everybody to grab a partner or grab somebody else's partner if they don't mind before adding that she herself "doesn't mind".

The lighthearted take on things certainly reflected in the music with songs like "Hyperactive Boyfriend" and "Funny Ha-Ha" but their also seemed to be a dark, mischievous undercurrent with songs like their new single "Show Off" and "Bittersweet".

At the end of their set the crowd were screaming for more. The band seemed tired but they still came back out. Their encore included a humorous, crooning love song and a repeat of "Show Off". It was obvious by the end that the band gave everything they had. And maybe a little more as well.

James Healy