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Turn & Klubber Lang

Tivoli Theatre, Dec. 30, 1999

I'd heard a lot about Turn, including some glowing reports, so I was looking forward to seeing them play for the first time. First up though, was support band Klubber Lang. Prior to their set a fellow gig-goer described them as 'loud', and during their half hour on stage they proceeded to fulfill this description with gusto. The vocals were semi-coherent and loud, the drums tight and loud, and the guitars were crunching and, well, loud. The overall sound rang ofTherapy?, with a pinch of the Pixies at times. To be fair to the band this really ain't my kind of music but, to my ears, the set degenerated further and further into one big headache.

Ollie Cole of Turn (PhotO by'Turn' however, presented a more balanced kind of loud than their support band, and they were altogether more enjoyable. The band rely on the good old loud/quiet formula that Radiohead used to such brilliant effect on the Bends. Turn also seem to be Radiohead-influenced during their few quiet songs, with similarities to songs like 'Bulletproof (I wish I was)' appearing. I can also hear touches of Super Furry Animals, Therapy? and Unbelievable Truth in Turn's music.

Turn have a very pleasant, rocky sound. They are tight, well practiced and have a great stage presence. Their singer has an excellent voice and the band are all accomplished musicians. Overall though the sound is a little too indie rock for my liking. While I enjoyed Turn's performance, I came away feeling that the band's sound is all too familiar and unoriginal. If you want to check them out for yourself though, they will be releasing a single early in 2000 and should be gigging around Dublin before then.

Niamh Grimes

(bullet) Photo by roger[at]original-photography[dot]com