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TBMC, Dublin, 23 March, 2001

The Thrills (formerly known as the Cheating Housewives), for the benefit of the uninitiated, are the second act to be signed by Supremo records, the people who discovered Chicks (or at least at the time of publication (April 2001) they were signed to Supremo records). Ostensibly a band specialising in "blissed out sunshine pop" they resemble nothing so much as Belle and Sebastian at their most Beach Boyish.

The ThrillsWhile most bands these days rely on loud, messy guitars or dodgy prog rock, Thrills couldn't be more understated. As if to underline this point, they employ a slow moving accordion on the first song and follow it up with a rustic looking, and even more rustic sounding banjo later on.

But then, this is a band that, as a rule, don't take the normal route. Having been together for five years, this is their fourth gig. If anything is holding them back, then it is this total inexperience. They sound ramshackle, so ramshackle in fact that the whole thing threatens to fall apart at any minute as missed cues and feedback abound.

However, Thrills don't let it faze them. Professionalism will come with practice, and nothing can disguise the gorgeousness of the music. It's real, head back, eyes shut, summer-in-a-song type stuff. Think Teenage Fanclub's "Aint That Enough", think Primal Scream's "Star", think "Pet Sounds" though not that good, obviously.

The near instant success of their label mates may heap unfair pressure on their inexperienced shoulders, but if Thrills can capture their music's gentle freshness on vinyl then they'll provide a perfect summer soundtrack.

Jamie Swan