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Temple Bar Music Centre, Dublin, 15th March 2001

WOW! Really? How does one begin to describe them? Maybe a cross between Nine Inch Nails and Garbage but more than just that. Maybe Metallica with less testoserone or late Smashing Pumpkins without going into industrial oblivion. Throw in some a few samples and a dash of electronic beats à la Massive Attack and you might come close to describing Skindive.

SkindiveWOW! Really? At times they may almost fall off the ledge of the dark abyss know as industrial/electronic oblivion but they always seem to find the lifeline and rescue themselves with a certain pop sensibility. Just like any visceral/incendiary music, their songs hit you like a slap in the face but they still linger in your mind like the soft words spoken by a loved one or a sting or burn that won't go away. Also, lead singer Danielle Harrison's dark angelic voice cuts through the intense guitar grooves with the combination of sensuality and strength.

WOW! Really? The future looks bright for this hot tipped band. Fresh, exciting, invigorating, multi-faceted, pushing the boundaries...all these things have been used to describe their music. Only time will tell if the general public is ready to embrace them...and they better damn well should.

James Healy