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Ron Sexsmith

Lilli's, Boston, 10 June 2001

Oh what a wide world it is. Where Ron Sexsmith would fill the Olympia when playing in Dublin, here in Boston - a good deal closer to his Canadian home - he finds himself performing to a mere seventy or so people. And, as he remarked afterwards, it was an improvement on his last visit some 12 months previous.

Ron Sexsmith (or is it a shaggy, overweight Billy Corgan?)The low attendance, as you would expect from someone of Sexsmith's positive outlook, did not provide any obstacles. In fact, it enhanced the quality and atmosphere of the show creating that intimacy that all die-hards yearn for.

Joined by a backing band, who moonlight as The Supers, he delivered his set with consummate ease. Seven years of songsmithery was on show with request after request being graciously accepted with anecdotes and a rapturous reception.

A more upbeat than usual rendition of 'Lebanon, Tennessee' was the undoubted highlight of the night but it was the new material from his latest album, Blue Boy, that gave Sexsmith greater reason to smile as each song went down a storm with an audience that anticipated much. Other outstanding moments included 'Speaking With The Angels', 'Right About Now', 'Seem To Recall' and an unforgettable version of Harry Nilsson's 'Good Old Desk'.

And then he was off, reputation intact, to take on the world but I'm still convinced that a haircut and a crash diet would prove that Ron Sexsmith is in fact Billy Corgan.

Frank McNally