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Mundy (with special guest Paddy Casey)

Ruby Sessions, October 2nd, 2001

Mundy has had a tough time of it. Touted as some sort ofBob Dylan a few years ago, he had what teenagers dream of - a record deal, a song in the hippest film of the year, and a legion of fans. And he was pretty good too. But it was to his credit that Mundy always took such comparisons for what they were - only comparisons - and when his label didn't release his second album, he was circumspect, and took some time out to travel. Now he's back in action with a new release on Camcor, his own label, and he was in flying form in the Ruby Sessions in Doyle's, a venue he obviously feels comfortable with.

MundyAmong the support acts was Settler, who delivered a set of uplifting songs, with inspired lyrics and interesting melodies. A surprising new addition to the Dublin music scene, the foursome engaged the crowd with their warmth and charm. Goby played a set that evoked the Cocteau Twins and Edith Piaf. Despite some people in the audience talking loudly, the power of the singer's voice was impressive.

Finally, the man himself, Mundy, got up and let rip on the acoustic guitar. Sporting a black t-shirt emblazoned with "New York", he grabbed the crowd by the scruff of the neck and unleashed a parade of songs, including the classic "Gin and Tonic Sky", as well as "Mexico", one of his newest songs. He made interesting use of a live sampler to turn himself into a one-man band, and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the night.

He was joined at the end by Paddy Casey who, surprisingly, played a version of "No Digitty", as well as "Stir it Up" by Bob Marley. It was a rousing end to a rousing evening, and it was good to see the boy back in town. Long may it continue this time.

Sean Gilmartin