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Dot Creek

Review of their gig in Whelan's, 17 Jan 2000 obviously knew what they were doing when I was asked to go along to check out Dot Creek, supported by Joan of Arse at Whelan's. Methinks they knew I was a disciple waiting to be converted. And I duly oblige here and now.

Dot CreekTo be honest I had heard very little about them before the gig (check out Caroline's piece on the band for more info) and I casually asked a few early punters at the venue as to what I may expect. 'Vocals' and 'harmony' were the two words most common, apart from 'damn good'!

Dot Creek are a five piece, three guitar band and it was obvious that they were all fine musicians from the off. With Shane and Nigel on lead vocals (Nigel's harmonies were top notch stuff while Shane is clearly equally as proficient on the guitar as he is with his vocal chords), the two front men delivered the goods in a set that had no weak points. Liam on drums and John on bass, provided the underlay that this kind of music requires if it is to work while (intriguingly-named) Biggly added the finer points of the evening, with some apt slide guitar.

It is usual that a review of a gig would describe, or maybe try to pigeon-hole, the kind of music that was played. Comparing these guys would be disingenuous and dishonest to the music they produce. Because that's the opposite of what they are about. The music is honest. They play it as they see it. How many bands finish a song with a flourish of Barry Manilow's "I Can't Live Without You'? They've been playing together now for three years and although the poor sound quality at this gig at times hampered a strong set, it's clear that Dot Creek are well worth checking out.

After the gig, Peter Buck-lookalike (and he'll kill me for that) Shane admitted that "things went wrong up there that only we would have noticed" but overall the large crowd went home oblivious to any such problems and with the soaring vocals still ringing in their ears. "We're not that prolific and getting everyone together at the same time so that we can work on stuff can be difficult. But we're happy with the way things are going so far", continues Shane who says that their next gig is likely to be in Cork in March. The slow beats, clever melody hooks and gentle guitar patterns are a winning combination and when you add in a sense of humour (the 4th song was about "losing your lover to a television").

These guys have what it takes to produce an album of some distinction. I look forward to the day.