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The Breeders

Review of their gig in the Ambassador, Dublin, May 26, 2002

The Breeders were the first band I ever saw. 1993 in the Tivoli. It was amazing. The dark, sweaty venue, the girls and the beer. Ah, the beer. But back then I hadn't yet acquired my super-human tolerance for alcohol (well hey, you don't know me, so I can lie like that). Like I said, the combination of underage drinking and underage over-exuberance led the wise bouncers in the Tivoli showing me, in no uncertain terms, to the door. During the first song. Boy were my friends impressed.

Kim Deal of the BreedersThe best memories I have of that gig were the riveting conversation I had with a rabid stone roses fan who'd gotten thrown out before me (how?). So, I found myself strolling, somewhat sheepishly into another Breeders gig nine years later. I am, of course, very conscious that this time there may well be others like me who were unable to attend the whole concert. They didn't miss much. Except, y'know, the best harmonies you've ever heard from two pissed-up loud-mouthed sisters. The sweetest guitar sounds around. 5 people having the most fun I've ever seen on a stage together. The most incoherent one-liners there are ( highlights included "mmweeerrgh mwahh nuuurrggh" ). I'm sure they knew what they were saying. I think.

Then there's the songs. A lot of bands seem to think that the songs people shout for most are the ones the punters don't deserve to hear. I'm sure you can get sick of playing the same songs over and over, but it's sad that I still get misty-eyed when bands play the hits. And the Breeders played them all. Everything from Pod's 'Doe' through 'Safari', via 'Divine Hammer' and 'Cannonball' to 'Huffer' from new album 'Title TK'. Along the way they threw in some Amps songs, a Fear track or two (Kim having stolen her new line-up from the punk band ), and a very well-received cover of Nerf Herder's Buffy theme tune. "I guess you f*ckers do watch TV", quipped Kelley.

So if you go see 'em, don't get kicked out, and if you missed the gig - get on a plane! You can't wait another decade.

Peter Sisk