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This review was first published on CLUAS in 2002
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A review of their album 'Almanac'

This album opens and closes like a Pink Floyd record. In between, we have some Beatles harmonies and influences, so perhaps 'Sgt. Peppers Lonely Dark Side of The Moon' would have been a more suitable title, or maybe I'm been a bit unfair on Pugwash.

Pugwash 'Almanac''Almanac' is an album of original compositions by one of Ireland's undiscovered songwriters Thomas Walsh (with a little help from Keith Farrell) and features contributions from Duncan Maitland (ex-Picturehouse) and Jason Falkner (Air) amongst others.

Opening with the ninety second title track, it's the second song 'Keep Movin On' which catches my attention with its' slide-guitar inclusion, beatle-ish harmonies, and lyrics similar to 'Bike' by Pink Floyd.

The previously released single 'Apples' will be familiar to many. A poppy tune with clever lyrics, radio friendly, and would have been a bit hit but for the lack of airplay. 'Monorail' is a catchy up-tempo number that deals with various modes of transport and will have your feet tapping along to it.

It's not all up-tempo tunes though. 'Everything We Need', 'Sunrise Sunset' and 'Element of Fear' are ballads that take some time to grow on you. The standout track both musically and lyrically on this album is 'Omega Man' (just pipping 'Keep Movin On' for the accolade). A powerful ballad that brings out the best in Walsh's vocals.

This is the second Pugwash album (the follow up to 'Almond Tea'), and while it may regarded as "the second difficult album", the only difficulty I have with it, is leaving it out of my cd player. This album will wash with just about everyone who appreciates original material.

Mick Lynch

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