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This review was first published on CLUAS in 2001
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A review of the album 'Happy Accidents' Soundtrack

I'm very picky about soundtracks. Only a few make it into my personal collection. Those soundtracks that make the cut hold similar qualities of either: having 'hard-to-find' singles that aren't anywhere else or compiling a well-put-together mix of music with no excess filler. The 'Happy Accidents' soundtrack is the best of these. It's a short album but not too short to be forgotten.

Happy Accidents coverWith some familiar acts such as Cibo Matto and The High llamas and some not-so-familiar as Jet Set Six  the album becomes a good LP of music of similar tone. A very low-key smorgasbord of sophisticated independence with cool jazz, college synth-pop rock and sultry samba all fresh & hot for your disc-playing pleasure. There is nothing too outrageous or far from the mix. However the track 'Vamos a la Playa' performed by Cibo Matto threw me off a little. It sounds like a live recording and when I heard the clapping near the end I thought those people were in my living room.

Dusty Trails appear three times on the soundtrack. They remind me of the Cocteau Twins with a twist of Air or even Bebel Gilberto. Dusty Trails is ex-Luscious Jackson keyboardist, Vivian Trimble and ex-Breeders bassist, Josephine Wiggs.

The soundtrack is a keeper. I just hope the movie is as good.

Connie Hartmann

(bullet) 'Happy Accidents' is released on TVT Records.